Drink me…

Recently I had another tattoo. I fell in love with it when one of my best friends daughters shared it on Instagram (she’s a quite brilliant artist and tattoo apprentice) and I knew I had to have it! Since having it I have been surprised by the questions people have asked about it, it is a constant shock to me that people seem to assume that it doesn’t mean anything to me in particular, and that it’s just a “nice picture”, how presumptuous- and quite wrong!


When a complete stranger says “I like your tattoo, what is it?” I don’t mind so much- I mean why should they know what it’s regarding to, or symbolic of? But when someone (who spends a lot of time with me) recently said “what is that? And didn’t you want something that meant more to you personally?” I was astonished! I mean, firstly; you obviously don’t know me at all and secondly; what makes you think it’s not?

Alice was a girl who, through her curiosity and naivety, was thrown into a world where nothing made sense and she was completely alone. She had to challenge the beliefs that she had grown up with to find herself. She had to make friends with people who challenged the norm, and learn her strengths to carve her own path. She had to take a leap of faith and trust in her instincts. She learnt about herself, and others. She bettered herself and discovered that great things can come from adversity. She found her strengths and became someone that was able to open her eyes to the endless possibilities that were right in front of her. No Prince Charming, no rose tinted glasses -just pure courage and determination.

So, pretty picture it might be; self indulgence it may have a slither of; but insignificant it most certainly is not.