Not a day for make up…

No make up tonight.
When the love of your life isn’t ready to do what it takes. When you have given all that you can give, and more. When you ache from the pain of missing them. When your soul echoes because half of it is missing. The person who you told all there was to know. The person who you find it hard to breathe without. The person who’s touch makes you gasp. The person that you know you will never replace. When that person let’s you down. When they become something that you never thought they would be. When they give up on themselves. When they allow your love to fade. When they take, and take until there’s nothing left. When taking your ring off makes your heart stop beating. When saying their name makes your eyes fill will tears that you struggle to contain. When you know it’s right but it feels
So wrong and when no one understands. When everything you ever thought you believed is challenged and when you Simply aren’t enough. Grief without physical death. Pain without physical harm. And yet you carry on. Not with expectation. Just carry on, knowing that one day it may become easier, or maybe it will not. When the love of your life isn’t ready to be the love of
Your life.


Balmy days…💋

I’m a full on lipstick girl, even in summer really. I’m not really into the barely there lip, unless I’m on the beach and even then it’s a rare moment!

I normally have no massive issues with dry or chapped lips but when they get dry they really do get dry and I get those big hard bits that are difficult to shift! Anyway, this blog isn’t about curing chapped lips, it’s just a little piece to say; as hard as it is for some of us, NEVER wear lipstick when your lips are in bad nick! It looks terrible, even worse when your lipstick is more matt than gloss (like a lot of mine)!

Use your lip balm (my favourite is Dior rose plumping lip balm which is not only brilliant but comes in a gorgeous little (ceramic looking) pot for your bag) as lipstick and if, like me, you simply can’t function without your lippy then compromise and bring out a lipgloss (No beach required!) .

(And…keep an eye on when you get them- I have a lipstick that makes my lips really bad if I use it!!! It could just be a certain brand or ingredient.)

Anyway, here’s to happy lipstick days and the occasional balmy gloss day too!