War paint!

Life is hard sometimes. Most of us go through times where we have been hurt or upset and feel like we have lost the fight within us. My advice: spend some time licking your wounds and then, when you can muster the strength, get up- get dressed and put on your war paint! Full face! Hard core! Do it! Use your favourite lipstick/eyeshadow, cover your flaws (inside and out) with your favourite foundation and blacken your eyelashes like never before! The colour on your cheeks may be out of a pot but it WILL make you feel better! It will give you a piece of yourself back, remind you who you are and why you need to fight! So go on, put on your war paint and be ready for battle!


Fuschia is the new red!

There are times when only a red lip will do of course, but this winter try replacing a dark berry with a beautiful bright fuschia! There are some gorgeous ones out there from illamasqua (try immodest or Eurydice, either of which would always be my first choice), Michael kors or for a more purse friendly option try Sleek’s “fuschia” (4.99)!

Be brave! Try it with a good sweep of blush and let me know what you think! Have fun finding your perfect shade! 💟

A reason to love the rain…

The great thing about the summer leaving us is that exciting moment when you look put of the window and realise that a tinted moisturiser, a sweep of bronzer, a lick of mascara and a quick dab of clear lip gloss just isn’t going to cut it anymore! Bring out the big guns! Welcome back foundation! Hello there gorgeous blush! I’ve missed you thick black eyeliner! And wow- full on colour lipstick, I forgot how dramatically you can change things! Today is Dior day! Image